Day 8 – The Warner Vortex

After the crappy night I woke up amazingly refreshed.   Had my bucket shower and feel sparkling clean.   Clothes got washed and dried instantly in the sun.   The school across the street is slinging some kind of soft tostada thing, so that went down the hatch.   
It is hiker mania at Warner.   Must have been 30 tents pitched last night in the wind tunnel.  Got a mid-morning pic below. 

Chatting with a lot of interesting folks.   Really not that hard to join a conversation.   Just walk up to a cluster and sit down.  I’m lounging around today updating my site and trying to get pics up.   Lots of talk about blisters, plantar facitus (sp?), and sprains.   Don’t like to stick around for those conversations 🙁  

This whole place is geared to support hikers.  Folks in the community store are super nice.   Offering rides and pickups.  Someone came by with a box of oranges a little while ago.  I saw two groups go out to the highway and catch rides within 5 minutes of putting their thumbs out.   

Plan to head out sometime after 2.   Hopefully the dot watchers will be satisfied.

2 thoughts on “Day 8 – The Warner Vortex”

  1. Hey dad looks like you’re hauling ass today! Everyone is watching your dot. We got the contract (vegas) and the house contract gets signed on Monday! We’re moved in a bumming at Spencer’s dad’s house cuz no internet.

    Love you,

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