Day 76 – Lake Front Camping (July 28 1570-1591)

I laid in the tent as usual when dawn broke.   What is not normal was that flies immediately started buzzing around in the twilight.   When I unzipped the bug flap on the tent this morning, a swarm of mosquitos started feasting on me.   Man I hate these damn things.

I declared this an area of evil and packed with haste.   Soho was making coffee apparently oblivious to all the insect mayhem.   When I left he was drinking a cup and trying to get service to call his parents.  

Today’s destination is Payne lake.  Shortly after hitting the trail I took a couple shots because….well….I have to post something.

I like the Mist on the Lower Mountains
Not Sure What Peak that is in the Distance

Today I have been obsessing over finding some snow to make a Tang Slushy.   The last couple days I’ve seen Snow on the peaks at similar altitudes, but the trail never crosses any.    Same thing happened today.  

No Snow Here….
Shasta is Still There

We have now passed into yet another wilderness name.   This one, however, has me concerned.   Has Trump sold this land to Russia?  

Putin is Taking Over!!!!
Lots of Rocks on This

So here is an interesting study of misery.   It was around 2pm, super hot, and there is absolutely no shade on this climb of about 400 feet.   Here is a picture of the next 30 minutes of my life in misery. 

Zoom in, you can see where the trail goes over the pass

After precisely 31 minutes, I hit the pass, turned around, and snapped this photo looking back.   Notice that it actually turns out to be much longer. 

I Prefer Pictures from the Top

Then it was a wonderful 1 hour hike through the forest hit by a nuclear blast. 

Nuclear Winter

And finally down to the lake

Heading Down

I passed the camp site.   Was looking all over the place and didn’t see a lake.   Checking the maps, it said the campsite was to the east somewhere.   I started bushwacking over a ridge and…there it was.   A beautiful lake surrounded by granite mountains.   It was awesome.   

I setup camp and sat down.  Soho showed up and we chilled out with our dinners at about 5pm.   Plenty of time to relax.   A southbound German dude turned up as well.   He was a quirky dude.   He is carrying a violin with him and plays classical when the mood hits him.   

Soho and I were munching on our meals when the German dude says he’s taking a swim.   Strips down buck naked and jumps in the water.   Well to each his own I guess.   Seemed refreshed afterward.   I’m just relieved he found his clothes. 

It was a light 21 miler today.   I jumped into my tent early and crashed.  Slept almost 12 hours. 



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