Day 6.5 – Exercising the Demons

Steve and Juan dropped me off at Scissors around 3.   The guys had a six pack of some good beer chilling in the back as a send off.   394 or something.   Really good amber.    
While we were sucking it down by the road a couple of hikers turned up.   John and Alex(?).   Most folks pop out here and want to thumb a ride for a zero in Julian.

 It was interesting watching the guys practicing their Yogi skillz.    They sort of slid up to us with that thirsty look on their face and struck up a conversation.   After a few minutes Steve offered them a couple beers, but I knew the ride was the prize.    So I asked Steve which way he was taking back to San Diego.   “Through Julian?   Oh I bet these boys could use a lift.”   And there you have it.   Steve became a Trail Angel.   Not sure how he felt about a couple sweaty, dirty hikers in his Mercedes.  Suck it up, Stevie!

Took off and started making miles.   Ran into this dude.   Told him he was my first North bounder on the trail.   He was from Northridge, section hiking.   Forgot his name. 

This guy is too cool for me

After 4 miles, started hitting my groove.   Good music, nobody around until….

Here’s some nature in your face

I must have been 1 foot away from him when he snapped up in a coil and started rattling.    I jumped back, landed off the trail, started sliding down the hill, and stumbled to a stop.   Got a little video of the thing.

After that, not .5 mile later another one was sitting on the trail.    I’d had enough of this, I threw rocks at this one.   Everyone I show the video to compliment me on seeing one that big.    Yeah, lucky me. 
I had planned to just do a few miles, but got motivated last night.   About 8 miles in a chatted with some folks at a nice campsite.    They were surprised I as pushing on that late.  Felt like I need to shake out all the demons that had been building the past 2 weeks.   Told them i had not earned the stop yet.  Forgot all their names too.    Seems to be a trend.

Getting late

Rolled into 3 gate water cache around 9:30.   Did 14 miles.    Campsite was good, food was good, not too sore.   Living the dream. 

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