Day 32 – Zeroed in Oxnard

Cleaned my nasty sleeping bag which seems to take 2 days to dry.   That is such a hassle.   Got resupplied and re hydrated.   Interesting all day I was drinking and eating and drinking and drinking.   I have to be careful about this in the future.   I need a lot of water on the trail and I need to stop cutting that short.  

Birthday party with Francine at a lot of pizza and talked about pooing in the woods.   That seems to be the first question everyone wants to talk about, lol. 

Showed off my hat which I haven’t washed for 3 weeks.   It has a pound of sweat-salt on the rim.   Yumm.

Plan is to hit the trail late tomorrow and do some serious night hiking.     

One thought on “Day 32 – Zeroed in Oxnard”

  1. Looks like you recently passed those spots we rode by that had those water jugs. You finding those all over the trail or is that rare?

    Where would be the next place I could drive to and buy you a burger?


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