Prepping to Disappear, Part II

11 days left!

The last 2 months have been a whirlwind.   FInishing all the repairs on the house, lining up a management company for the property, selling my dirt bike, dumping all our crap, storing what we plan to keep, moving into in-laws place, and finishing prep for the hike.

Everything must go!!
Held a blowout garage sale a couple weeks ago.   Everything not boxed was dumped on the ground outside of the house, then the vultures started circling.   I learned a few things about being a good buyer….they show up before we start with a wad of cash.   Folks were hovering outside our house before 6am to get the first crack.   

One dude in particular was clearly the alpha.   He picked up my Denon stereo and 5:1 speaker setup, couple of my older Shoe helmets, and other electronics.  I liked watching him.   He zeroed in on most the high-value stuff.   We got into a long negotiation over the old gas grill for $10.   He just wanted the propane bottle, but I wouldn’t let that go unless he took the grill with it (heh).   That was pretty much the theme for the day, reverse bundling.   I’d give folks a price for something and require they take something else with it.  EVERYTHING MUST GO !!!

Bottom feeders
Alice did pretty well jettisoning our clothes, appliances, and furniture.   It was hard keeping the scavangers in check.   Since the kitchen/dining room was open, folks would drift in there and start picking through the boxes we had tagged for storage.   Even had a gal offer $3 for a half-empty bottle of chile pepper flakes (SOLD!).   Man what an experience.  

Alice makes a deal
After that it was a trip to the goodwill and a couple to the dump.  Purge complete. 

Our worldly possessions fit in 20x10x10

My buddy Darrell and I did a little final ride before I put my GS in storage.   We got into some dirt roads he found out by Lake Hughes.   Crossed the PCT at mile 471.   I’ll be walking through there in a month or so.    Darrell asked after the ride if he was getting better or if I’m getting more cautious.   It’s mostly me I think.  Don’t want another injury before starting.   Sucks…feels like I’m losing my edge.   Have to reclaim my mojo during the hike.

PCT mile 471
Here’s a pic of Darrell digging through the trash.   

Digging through the Mc-trash
His bike key was on the tray…we never found it.   Probably submerged in a pool of ketchup and syrup at the bottom of the bag. 

On Thursday I loaded up the cable boxes, filled up the sunroom fridge with beer for the new tenants, and cleared out of the house.    We are now officially homeless.   

My new living arrangements
We have moved into a room with Alice’s parents.   I spend the weekend finishing the resupply boxes, addressing, and numbering them.  Ready to go. 

The homeless shelter

Here is the resupply plan. 

My cousin JD started the trail on April 13th.   As of today he has hit the point I pre-hiked over Thanksgiving last year (Scissors Crossing, Mile 77).  He’s a bunch of foot blisters, but is keeping a good pace.   Starting tomorrow he will be ahead of me.     Next update will be from the trail !